How top-performing organizations
use the cloud

The IDC Future Ready Index shows that the organizations most immersed in cloud technologies are also the best prepared to meet whatever the future brings. IDC calls those organizations Future Creators and they use cloud to:

Match infrastructure to application

There’s no one-cloud-fits-all solution. The Future Creator understands that different types of clouds address different kinds of challenges. Nearly one third of Future Creators surveyed by IDC run multiple clouds, such as an OpenStack private cloud for CRM applications and public clouds for less sensitive data. Almost 20% of Future Creators are using hybrid cloud technology to get the best of private (security) and public (massive scalability) clouds.

Roll out new services rapidly

Before cloud, the time required to build a development environment slowed the process of launching new applications. Cloud computing turned that around.

Now software developers can build and decommission application development environments with just a few clicks. The IDC survey shows that more than half of Future Creators launch applications faster.

Maximize efficiency

In the past, IT organizations often purchased more capacity than they needed to avoid a shortfall.

Cloud services can scale up and down to deliver just enough capacity, on demand. According to IDC, fifty percent of Future Creators take advantage of this benefit.

Improve business agility

Future Creators credit their cloud strategies for improving performance in areas such as resource usage, data analytics and business agility. In fact, advanced cloud adopters consistently demonstrate 25-30% better performance on key indicators when compared to organizations that don’t use the cloud.