Five ways cloud prepares
you for future success

The more you take advantage of cloud benefits, the better prepared your business is for whatever lies ahead. The IDC Future Ready Index indicates that the most forward-thinking enterprises use cloud technology to:

Address a variety of business challenges

Nearly 32% of future-ready organizations use more than three kinds of cloud. Why? A multi-cloud strategy enables them to match the right cloud solution to their specific challenges.

Launch applications faster

Application development used to be cumbersome and complex. Not anymore. More than half of the future- ready organizations build and launch applications faster with cloud technologies.

Deliver enough workload capacity

In the past, IT managers often purchased excess capacity to avoid a shortfall. Fifty percent of future-ready organizations reduce business risk by scaling cloud services up or down with demand.

Support mobile

Many future-ready organizations use the cloud to increase workplace flexibility. Over 50% of them rely on cloud computing to support an ever increasing number of mobile device types.

Improve business performance

Future-ready organizations credit their cloud strategies for improved performance in areas such as resource usage, data analytics and business agility. In fact, advanced cloud adopters consistently demonstrate 25-30% better performance on key indicators when compared to organizations that don’t use cloud computing.