5 ways converged solutions
improve IT service delivery

The most future-ready companies find converged solutions provide greater agility. They regularly measure utilization and use that data to reclaim, repurpose and expand the solutions the business requires.

Greater resource utilization

IDC reports that future-ready organizations utilize resources nearly 20% more efficiently than their current-focused peers. This empowers employees and transforms IT into a proactive business driver.

Improved business agility

Future-ready companies rate their ability to adapt to changes in the market nearly 10% better than current-focused organizations, leading to quicker time-to-market solutions.

Lower operating costs

IDC found the largest savings are seen by those with the most future-ready converged IT strategy. Decreased costs result in increased efficiencies and better ROI.

Enhanced disaster recovery

Future-ready IT boasts nearly 14% higher recovery rates than current-focused companies, enabling quicker and more cost-effective infrastructure reclamation.

Higher application availability

IDC notes that nearly 30% higher application availability is provided to future-ready businesses who take advantage of converged systems, keeping apps online through scaling and redundancy.