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Future-ready organizations handle data differently

Not all data is alike. IDC reports that the type of data used – and how it’s integrated – can have a measurable impact on an organization’s success.

Big data isn’t just about the numbers. How data is gathered can be just as important as what that data represents. The IDC Future-Ready Index identifies different levels of future readiness based on business outcomes. The report shows that “Future Creators” – the most future-ready - make use of all kinds of information, from consumer reviews to social interactions, from point-of-sale purchases to performance data from industrial equipment. While a good percentage of this data is integrated with other data types, future-ready organizations increasingly incorporate stand-alone data into business decisions. Why does this matter? Because the more data collected, the more informed a business becomes. This leads to enhanced agility, faster time-to-market and increased ROI. There is value in all data; it’s just a matter of weeding it out.

Four ways future-ready companies analyze data to enable innovation and boost productivity:

Attitudinal: consumer reviews, rankings, survey submissions

Behavioral: consumer behavior captured via clickstream or app monitoring

Interactional: social interactions between people, or between people and organizations

Internet of Things: performance and operational data from devices and equipment