Future-Ready IT =
business results

What happens in your data center happens in your business. A study by analyst firm IDC confirms the link between IT innovation and business results. In fact, the most future-ready organizations have seen sales increase up to 108%. Dell is helping shape the future of the enterprise with:

  • Converged infrastructure that optimizes your IT assets
  • Cloud solutions that deliver better IT agility and control
  • Big data strategies that produce deeper business

The results from the study are clear: To become a
Future Creator, start by transforming your IT. Take
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VIDEO: Gaurav Chand, Global VP of Enterprise Marketing at Dell, defines the future-ready enterprise (02:15)

About the IDC Future-Ready Index

IT executives:






Rank your firm's future readiness.

See which IDC future-ready category describes you.

IT strategy driven by immediate needs with little or no focus on a future-ready approach.


Current Focused

IT strategy driven by individual departments that are able to achieve some results, but without the full impact of a holistic future-ready IT approach.


Future Aware

A strong approach to digital transformation applying an IT strategy that aligns with most business demands to achieve significant results from future-ready IT.


Future Focused

A revolutionary approach to digital transformation applying an IT strategy that aligns with business demands for all activities, to achieve the strongest results from future-ready IT.


Future Creators

Future-Ready IT

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Future-ready IT drives successful businesses. Join the Future Creators—the top 18% of businesses that use IT to influence business outcomes and respond quickly to market changes. See how your organization compares.

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Cloud boosts business results up to 30%

Future Creators make the most use of cloud strategies and employ the most sophisticated measuring techniques to improve business agility. Customize a solution to match your needs with Dell’s end-to-end cloud portfolio.


Converged IT lowers costs up to 29%

Converged IT allows Future Creators to achieve better business outcomes, improve employee productivity and plan for what’s next. Streamline your data center with Dell converged solutions tailored to your workloads.

Big Data

Big Data drives better, faster decisions

Future Creators use Big Data to predict and react faster to market changes by giving more people access to insights. Dell Big Data solutions take you from data to decision faster by integrating and analyzing all data.

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